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Re: [K12OSN] Squidguard

From:  http://squidguard.mesd.k12.or.us/

The Red Hat 7.2 RPM is configured to automatically synchronize to the
MESD blocklists every night. MESD combines the blocklists from
ar.gz and http://www.bn-paf.de/filter/de-blacklists.tar.gz

Local modifications to pre-built databases is very easy. Lets say, for
example, that the gambling database includes onlinegames.com which you
don't want blocked but does not include casino.com which you do want
blocked. In the gambling directory, /usr/local/squidGuard/db/gambling ,
you can create a diff containing these changes. If it is whole domain
you want blocked (http://www.casino.com), edit domains.diff. If it is a
specific URL you want blocked (http://www.somewhere.com/gambling), edit

The syntax is simple, just add a "+" to the sites you wanted added to
the database, and a "-" to the ones you want removed. In our example, we
would create a domains.diff file containing:


Next, run the command: /usr/local/bin/squidGuard -c
/etc/squid/squidGuard.conf -u
The changes should take effect immediately. 

;-) Paul

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 15:46, John Pilmore wrote:
> Can anyone point me to information for setting up Squidguard to dl
> update lists? I know I saw it somewhere in the list of site links I have
> acquired over the past couple of weeks. 
> John Pilmore
Paul Nelson................... pnelson riverdale k12 or us
Riverdale School, 11733 SW Breyman Ave, Portland, OR 97219
school (503)636-4511.....................fax (503)635-6342
Riverdale Web Page......... http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us

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