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Re: [K12OSN] Switch question

IMHO, (Julius, correct me here if I am wrong) the SMC 7004BR Barricade 10/100 switch would be a good starter choice. It may be real overkill, as a 4 port switch can be had for 30% less ($50 vs $75), but it sure is easy to get many things going, and with very low power consumption, no fan, etc.

It has:
4 10/100 switched ports
1-10 mbit uplink/cable modem/DSL connection
1 serial port (for us poor souls that do not have DSL/Cable Modem capabilities, we can plug in a 56k modem, even with the 26k line quality here)
1 parallel print server port, LPD compatible
NAT firewall (configurable)
DHCP Server (Configurable, including OFF)
Extensive configurability options on I/O port, accessibility, etc., packet filtering, virtual server, DMZ host addressing, remote administration configs, wake on lan, and even clone mac address - so you can "trick" cable modems into thinking there is only one IP connected, when the back side of the router has multiple clients attached.
254 client attach capable (one sub-net, minus some internal addresses)
....and a street price around $75 US

They have an 8 port (7008BR) that goes for around $150, and wireless versions as well. Can't beat it for any money.....


At 07:01 PM 6/4/2002, you wrote:
Hi All People,

Could any guy give me some recommendation on selecting a switch to experiment the Terminal Server K12LTSP-2.1.0

- Server connected to Internet via 10M broadband from ISP
- Client :- 3 to 4 workstations

Should any additional information required please advise me.

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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