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Re: [K12OSN] StarOffice 6 and mixing "paid for programs" into K12LTSP

Larry McVoy of BitMover/BitKeeper fame (Linus' CVS system of choice) gave a
very insightful look into the cost of developing new ideas in a recent


I found the whole article interesting, but while I may not agree with
everything he says (being a strong advocate of OSS myself), I think he
brings up some good topics for discussion (not on this list though as it's
getting pretty far off-topic so I'll probably end here).

Reality being what it is, I was very happy to get my Samba PDC to play nice
with a user's brand new XP loaded laptop.  I wasn't sure if it would work
out when I initially tried to join it to the domain, but a little help from
MandrakeUser, nothing to it:


(I don't get what folks think is so cool about XP, but that's another
off-topic issue again...)

But, back to the original topic, what is the value-added of SO 6 versus
OpenOffice?  Is it worth shelling out $$$ for it?


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> Long post - - sorry.  FYI Apples Open Source Streaming video server DSS4
> for Redhat 7.1 - - sweet and easy.  www.quicktime.com      | products |
> Thanks James for the rsync info - - good article minus the XP stuff.
> Nicholas makes some attractive points. rsync, yet another cool tool.
> Concerning StarOffice and OpenOffice, my angle...
> Don't get me wrong...free is sweet, but developers can only live on pizza
> and their wish list at amazon.com  for so long.  I don't mind paying a
> reasonable amount or supporting good software.  That's part of my bit**
> with MS.  Their software is popular, not the best technology.  If we show
> developers that there is a little money  (NOT SLA 3.0 MS!!!) to be made
> then maybe they will develop and support Linux.  Look at the number of
> Win4Lin posts...people still want MS apps.  Adobe had a beta program
> "FrameMaker" ???  a PageMaker for Linux, it was OK.   I thought "WOW Adode
> is backing Linux"...that went away.  Corel sold CorelDraw to Xandros...any
> release date?  Although I guess CorelPhotoPaint 9 works under wine and
> LTSP.  To many people out there still associate "free" with garbage. -
> -They have never used GIMP or Apache or OpenOffice :) - -  They hear
> and think "what's wrong with it."  These are the hurdles we need to jump.
> There have been a couple posts concerning document and presentations to
> sway boards of educations and teacher to use Linux and K12LTSP.  I would
> like to help.
> Teachers leaving for Summer have a nice one, Tech people getting ready for
> Summer in the district getting ready for next year...I hear you.
> Tom V.

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