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Re: [K12OSN] Dual LTSP Boot ideas needed

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 21:31, Donald J Christensen wrote:
> A client boots by downloading a kernel and an initrd (optional)
> and booting the kernel.  Then, NFS is used to mount the root
> filesystem.  What I am not sure of is what else is mounted,
> and whether anything other than the basic X server stuff is
> available to the clients.

I like the idea of always booting from the net and then with the correct
login or some other criteria decide to use an application server or run
standalone (I guess I could have it do both -- normal apps run from the
server and programming stuff run locally -- is that practical?  However,
I don't know how to create a choice for the boot options (especially
secure ones) -- is there a way to let the login determine this?
> If I were setting up an environment like you are looking for,
> I would avoid having separate local boot/net boot options.  Heck,
> I would probably remove any hard drives from the clients to
> decrease noise and power consumption.  And if possible, I would
> collect the most powerful client machines into a single lab for
> the programming classes, and let the other clients be used the
> way K12LTSP works now.

I may have forgotten to mention, this, but I have to server 300 kids in
a small room with space for about 10 computers.  There is also other
specialty labs, but this is the computer classroom where the computers
have to serve the general public and programming classes.  I am stuck. 
Classroom space is very difficult to get here.


William Tihen, Technology Director
The American School in Switzerland (TASIS)

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