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Re: [K12OSN] StarOffice 6 and mixing "paid for programs" into K12LTSP

Somebody thinks so - Amazon just announced that SO6 is the #1 software product in sales, and it has only been available for one week.

I was just reading that the XML format of SO6 documents (and I assume, OO1.0) allows the docs to be read on any platform that supports a browser. I have not tried it yet, but, if I read this correctly, doc viewing is available to any browser capable of XML.

I have not read into the LINUX browsers tech details - do they all currently support XML?? SO6 is supposed to integrate into Mozilla and Netscape.

http://www.sot.com/en/linux/soto/ offers the OpenOffice code base, with the additional features of SO6 (including templates, etc, and is a free download. The SO column in the comparison matrix is against SO5.2, so that has little value.

SO6 is FREE to educational institutions.....

Does anyone yet have a copy, and can actually compare the features/capabilities??


At 10:33 PM 6/4/2002, you wrote:
But, back to the original topic, what is the value-added of SO 6 versus
OpenOffice?  Is it worth shelling out $$$ for it?

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