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Re: [K12OSN] Switch question

I agree, there is no bandwith management. Plug in the host and server and let the NIC auto-negotiate the fastest speed, thats it.
I only use this for quick prototyping.

Dan Young a écrit :

> At 11:04 PM 6/4/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>>I'm using this one for prototyping with K12ltsp, it works fine.
> Could you share me some of your experience in using DSH-5
> 1) Under Best Hub, Best Price
> .... bandwidth management, and central traffic control by providing an
> economical migration path to faster technology all in one box.
> Does it mean the server can assign a band limit to each client so that
> the  workstation would not have the same speed as the server ??

This paragraph in no way answers your question. I apologize. ;-) I'd just
like to interject here and say that www.google.com is an excellent tool
for researching these kinds of questions. Something like
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=dlink+dsh-5 can give you the Dlink
page on that product, plus reviews and sites that sell this thing as well.
Google is an indispensible tool for this stuff. I think most people who
frequent this list can corroborate this.
> 2) Under Integrated Switch
> The DSH-5 gives users a smooth way to move to higher performance
> networking  by allowing users to dynamically connect Ethernet or Fast
> Ethernet nodes  into any available port.
> What does it mean "dynamically connect Ethernet ......port" ??  The
> port is  connected to the workstation with cable.

This looks like ad-speak for auto-negotiatng 10-BaseT (Ethernet) or
100-BaseTX (Fast Ethernet). You can plug in either 10Mbit or 100Mbit
Ethernet and it will "just work".
> 3) Is Firewall provided and configurable

Nope. This is a dumb layer-2 switch. No routing, firewalling, etc. You can
bet that if things like that are NOT prominently displayed somewhere on
the list of features, they are just not present. Again, check the D-link
page for detailed information.
> 4) Do you have an idea of its approx. street price.

Check pricewatch.com or call up your vendor of choice. Amazon.com had it
for the low, low price of $35.97 if you call within the next 15 minutes.
> Thanks in advance.
> Stephen Liu

-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

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