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RE: [K12OSN] Special logins..........

Hi Russ,

> > Hi Russ,
> > >   ps afx | grep gdm
> > 12926 pts/1	S	0:00	\_ grep gdm
> yeah -- it is not running -- a neat shell scripting trick is
> to run:
>    ps afx | grep [g]dm
> Question for the pupil: Why is the output different?

Didn't get any output.

The [g] is conditional, right? Therefore ouput will only occur if gdm is 

At the moment, with Linux, I'm starting from the top floor and working down 
to the basement.

> > > presentation I used as a presentation outline 18 months agos
> > > is at:
> > >   http://www.colug.net/notes/0012mtg/COLUG-0012.html
> >
> > Thanks. I was getting crossed eyed. Slowly looking through it again has 
> Yeah -- but did you bake me cookies?  (I've trained from that
> outline as well)

I prefer peanut butter cookies.
Mom brought her Betty Crocker cookbook over when we moved here in the 70's. 
 It has a really good Peanut Butter cookie recipe.	:-)

> Well, if present, you can run it, but we need to get gdm as
> your login manager for the changes you make to become useful
> <grin> -- I believe you will find the gdm _package_ is not yet
> installed on your server.  A quick trip to your install CD's
> of friendly local FTP mirror can remedy that (there are
> probably lots of dependencies as well.  Let's see:

OK. I've got the v2.0 cds.

Could this break something?

I've got the Win4Lin kernel installed and a lot of work done. I'd hate to 
loose it all.

> -- It is quite worth the payback to install the 'gdm' package and use it 
-- it is 'free-er' and frankly, > better.


What do you mean by free-er ?

I take it you mean ease of use. What about security, eg. preventing the 
user from restarting the server remotely?

> -- Russ

This is what I hope to achieve.

1) Switch on machine.
2) PXE connects and does it's thing.
3) Based on MAC address (or IP address bound to MAC address) the machine
	a) loads the Graphical login, which includes a Win4Lin option
		(classroom, library, internet suite, nightclass)
	b) Runs Win4Lin, and Win98 connects to our SAMBA server
		(admin and staffroom for the School admin Win apps).

Is it possible, or am I being unrealistic?

At the moment the user starts the machine and gets the graphical login.

To run Win4Lin/Win98 they log in as the terminal number. This launches KDE 
with a locked down desktop, and runs Win98 in windowed mode. Which means 
the user can log out of Win98 and get back to the KDE desktop. Nothing 
wrong with this, except they could get confused.

By running Win4Lin in fullscreen mode, the user thinks they are using a 
WIN98 machine, they never really see Linux underneath. But oh the stability 
is awesome!


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