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RE: [K12OSN] Dual LTSP Boot ideas needed

Hi Bill,

Bert here.

> I like the idea of always booting from the net and then with the correct
> login or some other criteria decide to use an application server or run
> standalone (I guess I could have it do both -- normal apps run from the
> server and programming stuff run locally -- is that practical?  However,
> I don't know how to create a choice for the boot options (especially
> secure ones) -- is there a way to let the login determine this?

This may not be exactly what you want, but it should do the job.

My bootroms have 5 different options,

1) Disable network boot
2) Network boot using interrupt 18h	(PXE)
3) Network boot using interrupt 19h	(PXE)
4) Network boot using PNP/REV  (BBS)
5) Network boot from RPL (Int18h/19h)

This appears at POST, before the HDD has intialised. I can't disable this, 
so it may cause some minor problems. Small price to pay.

In theory you should be able to use the HDD or NIC to boot the machine 
based on the boot selection.

Set the boot order in bios to the following
1) Network 	(if available)
2) CD		(for rebuild purposes, if local CDs are available)
3) HDD
4) FDD		(if available)

By going down this route it may be possible to keep the programming 
machines off the network totally.

Disable and delete the NIC on the local setup. Prevent KUDZU from automatic 
hardware detection at start up, and deny access to certain system tool by 
using group permissions.

> Bill
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> William Tihen, Technology Director
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