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[K12OSN] Re: [Etherboot-users] Switch question (re-sent)

Hi Donald,

Lot of thanks for your meticulous effort in advising me as well to other guys who have given me a hand.

Yes. This is only a small scale lab test to experiment the Terminal Server. My reason for considering bandwith management is to have a touch on this technology.

Anyway I shall make another search on Internet. If you have anything to add, you are mostly welcome



At 10:03 AM 6/5/2002 -0700, you wrote:
I was mostly kidding.  For a full lab deployment, Cisco switches might
make some sense, but for a small-scale test, any of the SMC, D-Link,
Linksys, etc solutions (for under $100) would do everything you need.

It isn't clear from your question if your server is acting as the
firewall (has two NICs).  If it is, then you don't need a broadband
router/switch combo, you can just get a less expensive simple layer 2
unmanaged switch.  For that matter, you could get a dirt cheap eight
port hub which would be fine for a small number of clients.

By the way, I think K12LTSP is intended to be used on servers with
two NICs, one for the clients and one to connect to the "network"
(either intranet or internet.)


Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi Don,
> Cisco is good and reliable but its price is also good.  Anyway I will make
> a search.
> Thanks for your information.
> Stephen

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