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[K12OSN] Thin-clients Available?

OK, I'm just going to throw this out there and we'll see what comes of it.

The company I work for is upgrading all of their workstations in the very
near future.  We will have very many Compaq Pentium & Pentium MMX Deskpro
2000 PC's (w/ Cirrus Logic or S3 video on-board) that we will need to rid
ourselves of at that time.  My bosses have indicated that we will be
donating these systems to non-profit organizations.

Personally, I think that these old PC's can make very decent LTSP clients
(and, yet the CL chips will display ;-).  Tentatively, is anyone interested
in obtaining some of these units (*NOT* for resale or any other such
nonsense like that) for actual use in their schools or non-profit

I'm not making any promises here.  I just want to get some idea of the
interest that is out there for these systems and then present it to my
bosses--they will, of course, have the final say on what goes where.
Monitors and software (including OS) are NOT going to be included.  The
recipients would definitely have to pay for any packing & shipping costs as
well, and there would be no warranty on these old boxes at all of course
(Hey! They would be free to your organization, what more do ya want?).

Anyway, there it is.  If interested, please e-mail myself directly so the
list does not get cluttered up with this.


James Jensen

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