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RE: [K12OSN] Squidguard

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Aaron Leininger wrote:

>My district's uses squid and it always seems to be blocking more content
>than it should, not less. My district webmaster is on this list as
>well...comments Michael?

This is one of the "fun" things about filtering, everyone has their own
criteria for what is acceptable and what is not. There is no one size 
fits all.

That's one of the things I like about the latest versions of Dan's Guardian,
it has a "threshold" value that you can adjust to taste (which is a good
thing, because we find the default Dan's Guardian settings to be completely
unacceptable ;-).

I've been taking notes and doing testing on different filtering scenerios.
I plan on putting together a "white paper" of sorts this summer outlining
what I've learned from working with different filters, how the different
filters work, how to tune them, etc, etc.


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>k12osn redhat com writes:
>>How effective do you find squidguard to be in blocking adult sites or
>>content?  I tried it earlier this year and it seemed to allow a lot of
>>things through.  I ended up installing dansguardian.  It seems to block a
>>lot more, but I am still trying to tune the filter to prevent blocking of
>>sites we are willing to accept.  We are in a charter elementary school
>>for behaviorally disturbed children operated by a social service agency
>>and are especially concerned about what content is appropriate.
>>Does anyone have any comments on experiences with squidguard or
>I use DG.  I too found SquidGuard let way too much through.  I've been
>running DG now for a couple months after having been running N2H2's Bess
>for a year....not one complaint.  I love the control too.  I'm running an
>E-Smith server www.e-smith.org for my proxy and filter....there is a
>module you can install to administer DG....sorta' like Webmin, but a whole
>lot easier.  www.dungog.net/sme   for more info.   The developer charges
>for it, but it's worth the $$$.  I was running DG on an RH server, but
>then I found the E-Smith install with the DG module from Stephen
>Noble....it's much easier.  I timed myself....it took me 16 miutes to
>start from a bare hard drive...until I had a fully operational
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>Vassalboro Community School
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