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Re: [K12OSN] Raima Databases

If you do have ODBC for Raima, here is the PHP3 script to access it...I'd have to read more deeply, but the text references the ability to call native libraries to create access, but whether that assume ODBC or not, is not clear on a cursory read.



At 07:21 AM 6/6/2002, you wrote:
I am trying to take some information out of an application's database in order
to use it in a intranet web page (hosted on a K12OS box, thus the tenuous
link). Does anyone know of something I can use to access Raima databases
with zero budget? Freshmeat, PhPclasses and finally a google search found me
nothing. I'm also kind of hoping to be able to batch add users to the
program instead of gui 1 by 1. The vendor is less than helpful (Edusoft).

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