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[K12OSN] Class Textbooks & Lessons

I saw some sites in the past that goes over some textbook and lesson plan material that seems to work very well in the K12LTSP setup for a classroom.

I cannot find the links any more and thought maybe some people out there might have some ideas.  Anything would help.  What we currently have planned for classes (some of them are in place but new lesson plans / online text books would help):

C++ Programming
Java Programming
Basic Programming

We currently also have an Office 2000 course but might integrate StarOffice 6.0 and/or OpenOffice 1.0 into that, since these are new I doubt much is out on it but will definately be looking for some stuff.

Also, our graphics class will be using high-end programs like Photoshop 6, Illustrator 10, Dreamweaver etc.... perhaps some stuff on The Gimp would be nice.

Jason Leydon

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