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[K12OSN] Setting up Client's email account and sound problem (resent)

Hi All Guys,

Thanks for all of you assisting me in the past.

My Terminal Server is now up, running smoothly to serve a single client.  The
latter runs all most at the same speed as the server disregarding being only
a Pentinum 133 PC with 32MB RAM and PCI graphic card with 2MB RAM.  The
server can be shutdown remotely from the client side.

However the client at start up encountered following problem.

-- informational - artmessages: --
Sound server informational message.
Error while initializing the sound driver, device/dev/dsp can't be opened
(permission denies).  The same server will continue using the null output

It is the problem of the client's sound card ?? How to rectify it ??

I have been searching for material in respect of setting up the client's email
account so that email received from outside (Internet) can be enrouted to the
client.  Could any guy please shed me some light saving me from making search
in a vast ocean.

Thanks in advice.

Stephen Liu

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