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Re: [K12OSN] Web Site Portal Intranets


I too have looked at phpnuke, post nuke, and etc, but I think I would prefer a 'home made' solution.

Can you provide any links, books, or other resources for someone who wants to build custom PHP/mySQL items like what you have written for your school.

I have started to read many of the sites related to PHP and mySQL, but there is a whole lot of information out there, I am hoping you can help filter a little bit, and point out resources that have been helpful to you.

I wonder if anyone using openACS or any other content management systems?? OpenACS (built from the ArsDigita CMS, now owned by RedHat, I think) looks very professional, but it likes to use AOLserver as a web server, and that has help me back from trying it so far. There are modules to add on to apache, but the feeling I get from reading posts is that using apache is not recommended.

Ben Nickell

James wrote:
PostNuke is a rewrite on PHPNuke, which is extremely security hole bugriddled, judging by the amount of bugtraq items I've seen on it over time.

They both stink, imo :)

I wrote a system in PHP/MySQL here that lets teachers post homework to the web and we're expanding it to allow uploading of documents, reserving of our computer labs, a favorite links list and more. It wasn't too hard to do and was quite a learning experience and also lets you customize everything.

- James

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