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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP with 3 nics

Hi Caleb,

Lot of thanks for your effort and time in answering my posting. I am sorry for holding you up to midnight.

I have downloaded all postings in the thread concerned for future reference. Previously I have been advised instead of having a powerful server serving 100 clients. It would be better to have 2 servers, each serving 50 clients. Your story gives certain advice and hint.

However if it is possible I would be much appreciated to have some additional information on the technical side regarding the setup of a 3rd NIC when you have time

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

At 11:45 PM 2002/6/7 -0500, you wrote:

I am running LTSP with 60 thinknic terminals and a dell poweredge 4600 (dual 1.8ghz xeon and 4 gigs of ram). I was excited because I had done the math and gotten the server of my dreams. I've been running ltsp for a while, but things would get jerky and sometimes I would have to restart my terminals because they would hang at "server not responding" on boot up. Now this happens when you try to boot too many at once sometimes, but it kept doing it after several were already booted and I booted one at a time. I noticed everything ran fine until I had gotten up to about 35 terminals. Then by the time I had gotten to nearly 45, things were unacceptable. I wasn't using but half my ram and my cpu's weren't taxed. I checked my procurve switch and noticed that when I got up to about 35 terminals ( same as when I started having my problems ) I had a humongous amount of errors on my server's port. I was pretty sure it was a bandwidth issue. My terminal server came with an integrated gigabit nic, but I didn't have a gigabit module for my switch and I was told if I made a purchase order for it, it would get shredded. Then I asked the listserv and you can probably see in the archives where I was pointed to channel bonding. The moral of the story is bandwidth. Maybe I should have made myself clear on this sooner, but if you're expecting to add another nic in your server and double your speed then you're gonna be disappointed and I wouldn't bother. But if you're running a LARGE number of machines on one server, then you're gonna need more bandwidth and this is the way to go. What's my status now? I put 50 terminals on my server today running icewm, mozilla, and shockwave 8.5 games (with the crossover plugin) and they all run perfectly fine. There's no more "fast at first, but screeches to a halt as you boot more and more terminals up" effect. Why only 50 terminals on it today instead of 60? I was excited thinking I was finally gonna get all 60 terminals running reliably at the same time. Well the janitors are shampooing the carpet in these classrooms and were so nice as to chunk my terminals out into the halls in one big pile. As soon as I find the rest of the now missing hardware, I'll have the other 10 up. Did this little narrative answer any questions Stephen? It is nearly midnight here so my brain has slowed down and I might have misunderstood what you were wanting to know. I apologize upfront if I have. =)

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