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Re: [K12OSN] DHCPd help: NT & LTSP on the same network

jam McQuil com wrote:


I'm not sure if the 'deny booting' will just ignore those
clients, or if it will send a 'DHCPNAK' reply to the client.

er, I wondered about that. /var/log/messages mentioned the DHCPDISCOVER, but
not what my DHCPd replied with. /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases indicates NO leases
were issued. The win98 client seemed to be re-using an old address.

What DID happen, was the DHCPd on the NT box spoke up immediately and said
"DHCPINFORM from n.n.n.n not via eth0: not authoritative for subnet"
Linux' DHCPd then gave a little spiel about adding an 'authoritative' directive.
(all this in /var/log/messages)

The difference is, that if it sends a DHCPNAK reply to the client, then the client may just sit there and not do anything.

yup. All booting clients on their network did that. 8-/ Not good.

What you want to have happen is the dhcpd should completely ignore those MSFT clients, and not reply in any way.

I think you can force this by adding:

not authoritative;

To the top of your dhcpd.conf file.  Read the manpage for
dhcpd.conf, and see what else it says about the use
of the authoritative statement.

Riiteeo. I'll try the combination, and report back.

Does anyone know what the vendor-class-ID is for Linux' DHCPClient (the one that
runs *after* the kernel has loaded. (screen says "running dhclient" - that bit.)

Thanks Jim, Others.

regards, Steve

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