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Re: [K12OSN] Ram

On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 09:26:03PM -0700, anthony baldwin wrote:
> I have purchased all of my RAM chips from http://www.tigerdirect.com
> as well as many other components for systems I have upgraded or built.  The prices are low and the shipping is fast.  I have ordered on Monday and had my stuff by Saturday.
> TigerDirect Rocks!  I love this company.  
> Once I purchased a rama chipfrom Buy.com, actually, becuase they were having sompe kind of blowout, but only once...all other ram I have acquired from TigerDirect.com
> tony
> school-library.net

	I use "www.crucial.com".  This is the retail sales end of 
	Micron Technology Inc.  which is an actual chipmaking company.
	When you buy from them none of your money goes to a middle man.
	It goes directly to the company thats making the product you
	are buying.  Their website is clear and helpful.  All you really
	need to know is what computer you're are buying ram for.
	(or - if you assemble or part swap your own, what motherboard
	you're using).

	To use their part finder start at www.crucial.com.

	If you know exactly what type of ram you need you can look at all 
	their components and prices here:

	To find out what the best prices are use "Sharkey's weekly 
	memory price guide" at: 

	Weird name, great site.  For good technical background, (if desired),
	look at http://www.tomshardware.com/

	Before buying from any online vendor I reccomend checking them
	out at this site:    http://www.resellerratings.com

	This web site has been around for a long time. It is a collection
	of vendor ratings by their customers.  Their ratings are very 
	reliable.  To get a top rating, above a 9.5, a vendor has to 
	do a good job on everything.

	Unlike some other rating systems, these ratings and comments are not
	all positive.  The vendors are not required to participate
	but any customer can rate any vendor even if the vendor doesn't

	Tigerdirect got a very poor 3.63 out of 10.  I'm glad Tony has
	had good experiences with them since dealing with on-line
	resellers can be so painful when things go bad.

	When a vendor gets a low score the reasons for it can be found
	by reading the member comments.  I would say that most vendors
	get a poor rating mostly for the following reasons:

	1.   Failing to tell customer an item is out of stock/backordered
	     when they order it.

	2.   Shipping the wrong item.

	3.   Failing to correct #2.

	4.   Charging shipping when correcting #2

	5.   Being in-accessable when a customer wants to return an item
             (also part of #2)

	6.   Failing to credit returns properly or in a timely fashion

	TigerDirect has a weird "thing" going where they ship you a "free
	gift"  phone card and then charge your credit card for it.  This 
	has been reported a few times in the comments section of their rating.

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