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[K12OSN] CIPA and xxxGUARD

May 31 - Federal Court, Philadelphia, 159 page ruling on "Net Porn" overturning major CIPA (Children's Information Protection Act) provisions.

The ACLU and the ALA (American Library Association) challenged the law, saying that the law was too broad, and restricts adults' access to constitutionally protected materials.

I have not read the ruling, but articles on the subject have indicated that the installation of filtering software is a violation of first amendment rights of free speech. The one article that I have found/read so far only seems to impact libraries, so I am not sure it impacts this list. However, if it does, the implications "may" be that, by installing filtering software (xxxGuard) is illegal? Hopefully, the arguments main tenant on "restricting adults' access" may leave CIPA intact for schools.... but it is something to be aware of.

Non-compliance with CIPA by last October, meant that you would not be eligible for e-rate funding. How this impacts that is also undetermined.

The Department of Justice is planning on appealing to the Supreme Court.


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