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RE: [K12OSN] CIPA and xxxGUARD

I'm definitely for freedom in libraries.

In schools, the only thing I would block would be pornography

Remember at the same time that you have filtering you need an adequate
acceptable use policy for staff and students, that includes sufficient
(but correct) reprimands for infractions.  Filters cannot block 100% of
everything all the time.  Plus put people who are determined to get at
filtered material into the mix and it becomes absolutely statistically
impossible.  Use filters to stop the majority (or even a significant
portion), and you've done the most you can do.  Let your AUP handle it
from there.

- James

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> Kirk,
> I have some faculty that would be happy to see my squid box 
> go. That'll only happen over my dead body. I don't care WHAT 
> they rule, where there's a will there's a way and I'm keeping 
> a filter here. I guess we should just give up, run a T3 to 
> every building and let the children stream live porn videos 
> so we can assure that no one will have their constitutional 
> right to be a pervert violated. WHAT'S going on here?! Do we 
> really WANT a k12 faculty that streams child porn mpeg's on 
> their conference period?!
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