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Re: [K12OSN] CIPA and xxxGUARD

	you seem like a very smart and straightforward person, and yet you
seem to read only what you want to see and not what is written (case of
internal block?). censorship on local level can be even more onerous than
that on central level. the "happily trampled" rights are those of teachers
who presumably are almost as smart and adult as you are. i did notice that
with little work one can achieve very granular access control through
squidguard. you might want to consider farming out that work to the
teachers who complain most and than check the results. you will smile when
it dawns on you how much self-censorship that will unleash in your
"victim". than again, maybe you'll get a grownup that will go for "all
open for all adults" and "all closed for all children". julius

p.s. some on-line games are highly educational, just ask the Marines.

On 10 Jun 2002, Caleb wrote:

> I think David and I are on the same page. One might want to say my
> blocking games for example is "happily trampling" on first amendment
> rights, but when the business manager can't do her job because we have
> the bandwidth sucked up with games what am I supposed to do? If blocking
> games is a first amendment right no no, then so is just saying you can't
> play online games at work. Blocking the games is a way of enforcing the
> rule and assuring that I am doing one of my required job requirements
> which is to keep my network running efficiently enough that people can
> do their job.

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