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Re: [K12OSN] CIPA and xxxGUARD

Have you considered a squid acl based on workstation logins?
We have a setup where dansguardian is implemented on one machine
and squid on another.  Normally squid refuses all requests from any
machine except the dansguardian.  However we can allow faculty to make
direct requests to squid based on identd reporting the faculty
username.  The faculty can set their web proxy to be either the squid or
the dansguardian using either filtered or unfiltered access.  This allows
faculty to check web pages that might be blocked by the filter configuration 
but are considered appropriate for the classroom.  Based on this we can
fine-tune the filter configuration. identd is not the most bullet proof
authentication, and there may be other higher security ways to set it
up.  We thought the identd was sufficient for our use since the students
are closely supervised in the computer lab.  Also, we only provide web
access, no email or other services.

It might be possible to have unfiltered access for adults and filtered
access for children coexisting peacefully on the same network if you have
centralized authentication.  There may be legitimate questions about
appropriate use by adult faculty in a school, but this might be handled as
a separate issue based on AUP and auditing of the squid logs.

Just some thoughts.

On 10 Jun 2002, Caleb wrote:

> Kirk,
> I have some faculty that would be happy to see my squid box go. That'll
> only happen over my dead body. I don't care WHAT they rule, where
> there's a will there's a way and I'm keeping a filter here. I guess we
> should just give up, run a T3 to every building and let the children
> stream live porn videos so we can assure that no one will have their
> constitutional right to be a pervert violated. WHAT'S going on here?! Do
> we really WANT a k12 faculty that streams child porn mpeg's on their
> conference period?!
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