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Re: [K12OSN] old dog gone astray

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 03:38:30PM -0700, anthony baldwin wrote:
> >From: Hans Ekbrand <hans sociologi cjb net>


> >1. Please add your comments below the text you want to comment.
> I was not commenting on previous text, but starting a new thread.

Your post was 465 lines (at least when it arrived in my mailbox, but
since it was not signed, I can not exclude that it has been altered on
the way). The only new content was a few lines in the beginning. I
didn't check that you actually commented on any of those ~450 lines
you quoted. (Your original post was a new thread in one sense: it
didn't have any In-Reply-To: header, but that is also true for your
reply (to which I now reply)). If you want to discuss the defintion of
"new thread", please mail me off-list.

> >
> >2. Learn to cut text you don't comment. 
> I cut out everything that was not releveant to my post, which was everything, and only sent my post.

Your post was 465 lines. Your own part was ~10 lines.

> >3. Your post is off-topic.
> How can a post revolving around the RH updates to the RH 7.2 based K12 OS be off-topic on a list for the RH based K12 OS?

There might be different opinions on this but my take on the matter is
that K12 OS should be regarded as a distribution on its own, and the
focus of this list is the (terminal) server functionality. If you want
to use K12 OS as a desktop distribution go ahead and do so, but I
think it is more apropriate to discuss general Red Had matters (RH 7.2
and up2date, not to mention your previously raised printer problems)
elsewhere, e.g. on a mailing list for users of Red Hat.

BTW. please wrap your text at 72 chars/line, so it can be easily read
(and quoted a couple of times) on standard 80x25 terminals. Thank you.


Hans Ekbrand

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