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[K12OSN] WEB ON/OFF Control over web access to terminals

Any direction would be really cool.

Problem: 1) Students browsing the web while teachers do their thing...
2) Maybe a bigger issue...teachers leaving the classroom while kids are on the Internet....yes I know that's a NO-NO but I can't be in 300 classrooms all at once...although that would be neat ;)

Using the k12ltsp model of one powerful workstation serving maybe 5-10 terminal boxes in a classroom. I would like the teachers to have to turn access to the web on/off to the clients. This option should be OFF by default and timed to return to default after 60 minutes. I don't want to cut off network access because kids save to another server - just web access.

a bash script that says "turn on/off access to the web for 60 minutes " with a desktop icon ?? A webmin module ??


Tom Ventresco

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