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[K12OSN] thou unmuzzled fly-bitten pignut

>Message: 2
>Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 01:54:41 +0200
>To: k12osn redhat com
>Subject: Re: [K12OSN] old dog gone astray
>From: Hans Ekbrand <hans sociologi cjb net>
>Reply-To: k12osn redhat com
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>Content-Disposition: inline
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>On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 03:38:30PM -0700, anthony baldwin wrote:
>> >From: Hans Ekbrand <hans sociologi cjb net>
>> >1. Please add your comments below the text you want to comment.
>> I was not commenting on previous text, but starting a new thread.
>Your post was 465 lines (at least when it arrived in my mailbox, but
>since it was not signed, I can not exclude that it has been altered on
>the way). The only new content was a few lines in the beginning. I
>didn't check that you actually commented on any of those ~450 lines
>you quoted. (Your original post was a new thread in one sense: it
>didn't have any In-Reply-To: header, but that is also true for your
>reply (to which I now reply)). If you want to discuss the defintion of
>"new thread", please mail me off-list.

Okay, well, then, as now, I deleted everything that was not relevant to my post.
Perhpas you are receiving the list in digest and receieiving everyone else's posts
simultaneously.  I can assusre that I am deleeting everything here not related to 
this particular post.  I have not control over whatever else you receive.

>> >
>> >2. Learn to cut text you don't comment.=20
>> I cut out everything that was not releveant to my post, which was everyth=
>ing, and only sent my post.
>Your post was 465 lines. Your own part was ~10 lines.
>> >3. Your post is off-topic.
>> How can a post revolving around the RH updates to the RH 7.2 based K12 OS=
> be off-topic on a list for the RH based K12 OS?
>There might be different opinions on this but my take on the matter is
>that K12 OS should be regarded as a distribution on its own, and the
>focus of this list is the (terminal) server functionality. If you want
>to use K12 OS as a desktop distribution go ahead and do so, but I
>think it is more apropriate to discuss general Red Had matters (RH 7.2
>and up2date, not to mention your previously raised printer problems)
>elsewhere, e.g. on a mailing list for users of Red Hat.

This is the K12OS redhat com list, as the headers on these messages clearly indicate. 
I will continue to post issues related to the K12OS to this list.
I hardly think issues that a newbie is having with this particular operating
system are any less relevant than discussion of the Children's Internet Protection
Act or any other number of things I have seen discussed here, including Windows related issues and more.

>BTW. please wrap your text at 72 chars/line, so it can be easily read
>(and quoted a couple of times) on standard 80x25 terminals. Thank you.

I am using a web-based mail server and have no control over text wrapping on your machine.

Really, you say you want to help move OSS into school but when TEACHER and LIBRARY PROFESSOINAL comes on with difficulties you treat him terribly.  Perhaps you should rethink your position. (Please note, this comment applies to Hans, alone, most of you have been very helpful, indeed).

>Hans Ekbrand

NOW, about the printer...
Well, I needed an ink cartridge so rather than spend another $50 on a cartridge for a printer that has been giving me headaches, I spent $70 for a new printer, a Lexmark z33.
I have downloaded and installed the driver, as well as enscript-1.6.1 which I located at rpmfind, since a dependency was indicated.
the driver installed fine.
When I tried to print a test page I got another Localhost bad msg.
This is getting tiring.
I did a stack trace and got this:

Get_local_host: hostname "localhost" bad
while executing
"exec lpr- P$printqueu $installpath/$testpagefile
invoked from within
".top21.can24.can27.but37 invoke"
<"uplevel" bod line 1)
invoked fromwithin
"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke]"
(procedure "tkbuttonUp" line 7)
invoked from within
"tkbuttonUp .top21.can24.can27.but37

command bound to event

When I try to print from OpenOffice.org I get nothing, now, not even the old localhost bad msg.

Does this help troubleshoot the issue?
I thought I was onto something with someone, but I did'nt get a response from my last post (well, not a helpful one, just Hans' moaning.)

Please assist.

Tony Baldwin
Read, Connect, Learn!

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