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RE: [K12OSN] Squid error -- resolved

deny_info http://ths.ttsd.k12.or.us/proxy/ads.html ad.doubleclick.net

This line was written at the very end of the squid.conf file. the first
parameter is the custom url(which does exist and will work if you point a
browser to it). The second is the name of the acl that I want the custom url
applied to. That acl then references ad.doubleclick.* so that any url that
starts with ad.doubleclick is blocked. The block works, the custom url
written by this line causes squid to give the errors I described in earlier
messages with this subject. I had to remove this line and restart the squid
service to get things rolling again.


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Hi Aaron,

could you please post the bad line. I´ll take a look at my sqiud.conf

Ciao Michael

PS: I also don´t run squidguard, only "noaccess" and "nophrases" as rules.

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On 11.06.02 at 13:00 Aaron Leininger wrote:

>I finally tracked the error down to a bad line in squid.conf placed there
>webmin. I tested with the 2 of the last 3 versions of webmin including the
>latest version and it still puts the line in incorrectly. The line is a
>result of trying to tell squid to use a custom url when blocking a certain
>website. (Keep in mind, I am not running squidguard on this server...the
>proxy part of this server is not a production server). Webmin writes in the
>line correctly for the website but the custom url is not being done
>correctly. I only go into detail as a warning to other webmin users to
>out for these type of things.

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