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Re: [K12OSN] Gconfd trouble on new install

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Tom Possin wrote:

>I have recently reinstalled with the latest on a single NIC system running
>on the 10. subnet. I use NIS and share a common home directory. I don't
>know if any of this matters but there it is.
>I try to run gnome or icewm and I get an error saying that it seems there
>is possibly another instance of gconfd running somewhere and maybe I need
>to enable TCP/IP in th ORBit config files. I can run it as root
>however.And KDE is fine accept of course for things like evolution which
>depend to some degree on this.
>Anyone here familiar with the underbelly of gnome? I rarely use it but I
>do use a few of the gnome programs and they are malfunctioning if they are
>running at all this way.
>Thanks as always,
>Tom Possin

I've seen errors similar to this when the NFS locking daemon was not running.

On your NFS server, make sure nfslocking is running & on by default:

	/sbin/service nfslock start
	/sbin/chkconfig nfslock on

Hopefully you're seeing the same error and this will fix it... if not
post back and we'll think of something else to try.

BTW, I'm running the same setup as you on one of my servers and GNOME
runs fine.


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