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RE: [K12OSN] Redhat 7.3 ltsp 2.1.0


Kind of hard to say exactly however, here's some ideas that come to my

1.  Every cdrom is different.  I've had some not able to read cd's that
other boxes could.

2.  Did you burn the CDRoms differently?

3.  Use a different type off media than usual?

4.  I've found some of the really old cdrom's have problems with some of
the newer media.  (usually limted to certain cdrom drives though)

5.  Is the cdrom in the machine dusty?  I little canned air or hair
dryer on cool could blow it off.

6.  People that smoke or a machines in a smokey environment can get a
haze on the optic and their ability to error correct is decreased.

7.  I've found hair over optics before.  Sometimes it would read other
times it wouldn't depending on how the hair moved.

8.  Lastly, even if it's new I've seen optics out of line by a few
microns cause this.

9.  If you want 2.1.0 bad enough make a bootnet floppy.  Put the images
on a machine connect to it running ftp or nfs(export iso dir) and
install it over the wire.

Good Luck.
BMan  (Brian Gray)

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler." 

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