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Re: [K12OSN] Re: K12OSN digest, Vol 1 #229 - 13 msgs

At 08:23 PM 6/11/2002, you wrote:

in any case, my line was slightly altered reading . localhost.localdomain localhost
instead of the suggested localhost localhost.localdomain
I asked if I should invert it and remove the period, but have not seen a reply.
Also, should these terms be actual host and domain names or is simply "localhost"
sufficient, becuase, the message I get always says "localhost bad" as though the
name is inappropriate.
Than again, the person who suggested I look into this said this line should be in , simply, etc/hosts/

Welcome to the world of TCP/IP
Correct - to get this running standalone, you can just use localhost
this line alone should be sufficient to at least take care of the "localhost" issue relative to your printer (if that is the only problem).

and there is no such line there. I just tried to add it, but apparently I will have to relogin as root, because Kate (kde editor, which I mostly use) won't allow "tony" to save the file when I alter it.

UNIX permissions - files that can "hose" the system are protected from editing by users that do not have ROOT permissions. So "Yes" you are right, you need to be logged in as ROOT, or preferably, "su - " - the "sudo root" function creates a log trail of actions so that you can (possibly - according to the damage done) recover from those actions.

I am making an effort to "return" at the end of lines, rather than allow them to wrap.

To quote TRON MCP "End of Line" - yes, a return is required

Hmmm.just did manhosts and got "no manual entry for hosts"

syntax: command (space) filename

FWIIW, don't feel alone - I find man pages often cryptic (this from a 30 year computer veteran, with multiple UNIX admin certifications!), and UNIX help systems next to useless. Even most books on the subject are from the same mentality, and not meant for today's computer users. UNIX was designed by, and for, computer geeks, and until help (long ways away) and usability (almost there) issues are solved, UNIX will remain a datacenter and bleeding edge tool. Eric should be commended for getting the default setup to operate cleanly (for most installations) in these conditions.

man hosts gave a brief description of a dns name server function.


I just want it to send the print jobs to the printer...that's what I told it upon installation. The printer, not any host, local or foreign or even from California.. Printer, /hda/lp1/usb1 or whatever it was (serial for the compaq, usb for the new lexmark).
Ahhh! UNIX printing, what a joy! <he used....sarcasm!>
Are you using CUPS, KUPS, lpr, or what for printer administration? No matter, from a detail perspective, but it does matter in explaining what tab, what field name, etc. to put what in.

Sorry, I have not kept your prior posts, so this may be redundant, but are you attaching locally, or is this a network attached printer?

The print queue can be named whatever you want. I would avoid spaces, and long names, just to be consistent.


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