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RE: [K12OSN] bad hosts, loud music, horrible party

Hi Tony,

>From what little I know about host names, Gertrude won't be enough.

How about trying Gertrude.McGillicuddy and see what happens. You can set 
the alias as Gertrude.

The hostname of my home machine is Rolston.Seafront

You will need a machine name (Gertrude) and a domain name (McGillicuddy).

The human equivalent would be Anthony (person name) Baldwin (family name). 
Yelling out for Anthony will get a "Who me?", whereas Anthony Baldwin will 
get a "Yo!"

This is a basic description of the situation and doesn't cover the 
technicial details. I just know it works.

One other thing to be aware of is access to the spool folder. If 
permissions are too tight people won't be able to print. I'm not sure if 
this holds true for network attached printers eg. using HP JetDirect cards.


On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 2:44 PM, anthony baldwin 
[SMTP:mrbaldwin school-library net] wrote:
> Okay,
> i read man hostname, man lpd, man hosts, man man, etc.
> I changed the localhost hostname to gertrude and still couldn't print.
> I got
> get_local_host: host name 'gertrude" bad.
> so localhost and gertrude are both bad names....
> I'm thinking "rover" or "spot", but am totally open to suggestions.
> Should be try the linuxprinting.org list?  is there one...hmmm.
> I can check on that.
> tony
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