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[K12OSN] Fwd: Re: StarOffice EDU notification

OK, here is the SO6 edu stuff.......hot off the press.....
This includes all the ordering numbers as well.


Thank you for your interest in StarOffice 6.0 Office Suite. This full-function
office productivity suite includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation,
drawing, and database applications to provide a feature-rich software product.
In response to your interest, this letter is to inform you of the channels
available to you to obtain StarOffice for your personal use or the use of your

Academic and research institutions (* see below for other eligible
institutions), including Primary and Secondary schools (K-12), 2- and 4-year
Colleges, and Universities, are eligible for a no-cost site license of
StarOffice 6.0. This institutional license is available for the cost of media
only - no other licensing fees apply. The StarOffice licensing agreement gives
educational institutions the right to unlimited internal use of the software.
"Internal use" means that enrolled students, faculty, staff and researchers may
use the software on computers that institutions own, operate, or maintain direct
control over. We are working on modifications to the license which will allow
institutions to make copies of the software or provide downloads for
distribution to constituents. Information on redistribution programs will be
posted on our website in the near future.

StarOffice for the Individual
If you are an individual user(student, staff, faculty member or researcher) who
wishes to obtain a personal copy of StarOffice, you may purchase StarOffice
through retail, online, or through Sun's download center at the prevailing
commercial prices. If your institution is taking part in our no-cost license
program, you are also eligible to access StarOffice through the campus networks.
Please see the following site for further details about personal procurement of

StarOffice for the Institution
In order to obtain StarOffice 6.0 institutional site licenses, you will first
need to procure the appropriate Media and Documentation kits. Media kits are
available now, and can be ordered by contacting your local Sun Sales
Representative (http://www.sun.com/service/contacting/sales.html) at
1-800-786-0404 (prompt #1, followed by prompt #4) or your local Sun Educational
Reseller. Please ensure you order the correct part number, as StarOffice 6.0 is
offered in Windows, Linux, and Solaris versions and in 10 different languages.
The Media kits for each specific language includes all three Operating Systems
on one CD. Media and Documentation kit part numbers and prices are listed at
the end of this letter.

Although you will only need one copy of the media for installation purposes, we
strongly recommend that you purchase one media kit per department as a matter of
convenience. Once you have ordered and received the Media and Documentation
kits, you must register your institution with Sun. The Site License you receive
via registration will cover your entire campus. Registration has no cost, but
until you register, your institution will not be licensed for wide-spread use of
StarOffice 6.0. Remember to visit our registration site at
www.sun.com/edu/scholar/staroffice.html in order to obtain your license. This
site is currently under construction but will be available very shortly, within
the next week or so.
After completing your registration, print out a copy of the license statement
which gives your institution the right to use the software for unlimited
internal use.

Thank you again for your interest and support. If you have further questions,
do not hesitate to contact me.


Michelle Chang
Sun Global Education and Research


Media and Documentation
Full product documentation is included on the Media Kit CD. If you prefer
printed versions of the documentation, they can be purchased for approximately
$50 usd. Approximate cost of Media to institutions is $25 usd; Documentation is
approximately $50 usd. The following parts are individual, by language. These
kits can be used as installation media for on campus machines and networks, or,
when the redistribution licenses are completed, as gold master disks for

Part Number             Price           Product Name
STR99-60AC99M9  $25.00 usd              StarOffice 6.0 Media Kit, English
STR99-60AC99MA  $25.00 usd              StarOffice 6.0 Media Kit, French
STR99-60AC99MB  $25.00 usd              StarOffice 6.0 Media Kit, German
STR99-60AC99ME  $25.00 usd              StarOffice 6.0 Media Kit, Italian
STR99-60AC99MF  $25.00 usd              StarOffice 6.0 Media Kit, Spanish
STR99-60AC99MG  $25.00 usd              StarOffice 6.0 Media Kit, Swedish
SSR99-60AC99MD  $25.00 usd              StarSuite 6.0 Media Kit, Simp. Chinese
SSR99-60AC99MJ  $25.00 usd              StarSuite 6.0 Media Kit, Trad. Chinese
SSR99-60AC99MC  $25.00 usd              StarSuite 6.0 Media Kit, Japanese
SSR99-60AC99MH  $25.00 usd              StarSuite 6.0 Media Kit, Korean

Hard Copy Documentation
Part Number Price Product Name
STR99-60AC99D9 $50.00 usd StarOffice 6.0 Documentation Kit,
STR99-60AC99DA $50.00 usd StarOffice 6.0 Documentation Kit, French
STR99-60AC99DB $50.00 usd StarOffice 6.0 Documentation Kit, German
STR99-60AC99DE $50.00 usd StarOffice 6.0 Documentation Kit,
STR99-60AC99DF $50.00 usd StarOffice 6.0 Documentation Kit,
STR99-60AC99DG $50.00 usd StarOffice 6.0 Documentation Kit,
SSR99-60AC99DD $50.00 usd StarSuite 6.0 Documentation Kit, Simp.
SSR99-60AC99DJ $50.00 usd StarSuite 6.0 Documentation Kit Trad.
SSR99-60AC99DC $50.00 usd StarSuite 6.0 Documentation Kit,
SSR99-60AC99DH $50.00 usd StarSuite 6.0 Documentation Kit, Korean

*Eligible Institutions
Higher Education - Universities, Graduate Schools and Community Colleges
K-12, Primary and Secondary Schools
Ministries of Education
Public Libraries
Teaching Hospitals
Research Institutions

Institutional Technical Support
For information on our special Institutional HelpDesk Technical Support offer,
please see:

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> Subject: StarOffice EDU notification
> Please notify me when StarOffice educational is available.....both Windows
> and LINUX versions.
> Kirk Rheinlander
> Technical Committee
> Liberty Common Charter School
> Ft. Collins, CO 80525
> 7964 Eagle Ranch Rd ** Ft. Collins, CO 80528
> 970.229.1908 (home) ** 303.910.1578 (direct)
> 419-831-5165 (eFax) ** kirk kpj2 com (email)

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