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Re: [K12OSN] Older boxes hang trying to mount nfs

Hey Mike,
We are testing all sorts of systems @ our schools in Tennessee.
I have successfully booted by floppy disk an old eduquest 35 all in one unit with the mother board upgrade that we just happen to have left over from an earlier upgrade.
sys is now p-133 mhz, 32 meg ram, isa nic, the mb has on board video(trident).
The 386 mhz and memory being 30 pin we just didn't try it to many times!
The lowest sys requirements that we are using are P-100 mhz with 16 meg ram, serial mouse, pci nic, trident video (2-4 meg) booting to 1.6 ghz server with 512 meg ram.
Have had 10 station active with no problems
We have never been able to get a machine with 8 meg of ram to start x and get a login screen.
Now the above setup are only going to be used in small classroom labs - 5 to 6 stations , and mostly internet research.
Dale Knight
Jefferson County Schools
-------Original Message-------
Date: Friday, June 14, 2002 10:40:41 AM
Subject: [K12OSN] Older boxes hang trying to mount nfs
I have a newer gateway box running well as a workstation
finally. Now I'm trying to get where we really wanted to go
- that being to get older equipment to be useable again via

I have an 8MB IBM Eduquest Forty (hey now - stop that
laughing - at least the Twenty-Fives and Thirties will be
gone by the end of this summer ;-) and a 16MB IBM 330
(486-50) both of which hang during boot. I'm using ltsp-5
kernels as I've been told previously that newer kernel have
troubles with older 486 boxes (BTW, the -5 kernel is ok with
the Gateway box). The last messages I see are:

doing the pivot_root
nfs: server ... not responding
nfs: server ... not responding
nfs: server ... ok
nfs: task 63 can't get a request slot
nfs: task 64 can't get a request slot

Speaking of older boxes, I have looked but been unable to
find any specifications on what a minimum workstation
configuration might be. We want to run X windows (ICEwm is
fine), educational games, open office, a browser etc. What
is the minimum configuration (processor speed, ram) that
will reasonably permit this keeping in mind that this old
equipment is already common here and teachers are used to
slower performance (not that we like it).


Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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