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Re: [K12OSN] Booting Off A Floppy

If LINUX is NOT installed on your Windows machine, the boot floppy is a rom-o-matic image the provides network boot functions to a K12LTSP LINUX server.

Is this what you are doing? or is LINUX on this box? (if it is, you can also set up dual boot capabilities)

With Windows 2000, if you hose your MBR (Master Boot Record) something that is common in installing another OS on a single machine, you can boot from the Win2k CD, enter REPAIR mode, and do a command line FIXMBR to get Win2k back. It will then be in the LILO or GRUB menu.


At 07:06 PM 6/15/2002, you wrote:

        Hello I am pretty new to Linux and i am student and trying to get the
K12LTSP on line at home for now then set it up this fall at school? I
was wondering could you boot off from a floppy on a machine that is
running Windows 2000 and has a hard rive and all. I mean, can i just
stick a floppy in and boot to Linux and then reboot back to windows?

Luke Dubber Floppy

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