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Re: [K12OSN] Wireless LAN - PCI adapter replacement

Hi Kirk,

Much appreciated for your detail information.

At 08:26 AM 2002/6/17 -0600, you wrote:
Here is some hardware lessons learned on 802.11 - the K12LTSP wireless connectivity is next week's [spare time] project. The outcome of that effort (or others that have already gone down that path) will probably impact the hardware decision. (like availability of LINUX drivers for wireless on PCI/PCMCIA vs. USB). Your "How to get it to boot" question is key here.

Noted with thanks for your information in advance. I will watch this new project.

The USB 802.11 adaptors provide 30% or greater signal strength relative to the PCI/PCMCIA versions - and they cost a bunch less. $40-50 on eBay vs. $100+ ($70 PCMCIA + $35 PCI adaptor).

Yes. That was also my discovery while conducting the street pricing last Sunday. I posted this question asking expert's advice because wireless LAN is completely new to me.

If distance is an issue, note there are 2 "classes" of 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless adaptors; most are 30 mw transmitters (Cisco 340 series, among others) or 100 mw (Cisco 350 series). Some (most) have their antennas built in, however, in the 100 mw particularly, some can optionally use an external antenna, which can boost the range to almost 15 miles, directional and line of sight, albeit at reduced throughput.

Distance is not my major issue but I am mostly concerned of the steel reinforced concrete wall. During shopping some shop-keepers recommended me strong emission wireless routers to overcome such a barrier. Have you had any recommendation ???

802.11a and 802.11g are both available now, with 54 mbit speeds. Have not tested any of this unfamiliar stuff as yet.....

This is all adaptor level stuff - the right wireless bridges, configured correctly, can get distances of 45 miles and more, with NO decrease of bandwidth ($$$$$$$$$$). Other microwave technologies can go to gigabit speeds over wireless links.

Interesting. Any pointer ?

I found following link from another list


It is quite interesting. I think It is a FLASH file but I still could not discover how to save/download it. I am not allowed to visit the "wireless_web" folder without authority.


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