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RE: [K12OSN] Finding out your rom set.

Hi All,

There are several ways.

1)	Network Neighbourhood as described

2)	START | COMMAND | 		and type WINIPCFG in the dialog box.

This will give you the NIC, MAC address and IP address. This assumes the 
machine is on a network and configured for TCP/IP.

3)	Righth mouse click on My Computer. Click on properties and system 
properties panel will come up. Select the Device Manager 	tab. Click on the 
Network adaptor section and you will get a description of the card. Select 
the card properties and you will get 	the IRQ and other resource settings. 
This is useful when you are looking at older ISA cards that may require DOS 
configuration 	software.


On Monday, June 17, 2002 4:11 PM, Eric Harrison 
[SMTP:eharrison mail mesd k12 or us] wrote:
> On 16 Jun 2002, Luke Dubber wrote:
> >
> >How do you find out your NIC/ROM type? I am on www.rom-o-matic.net And I
> >don't know what my NIC/ROM type is? can any one help me or tell me how
> >to find out... Possibly find out on a Windows?
> >
> >Luke Dubber
> I'm windows-free(TM), so I'm guessing here... try right-clicking on
> Network Neighborhood, click on properties, and then see what driver is
> loaded.
> The old-fashion method is to pop the case off and look at the card.
> Once you have an idea what the make/model is, you can look it up in
> the etherboot's database http://etherboot.sourceforge.net/db/
> (this link is listed at the bottom of the rom-o-matic site)
> The etherboot database is indexed by both chip manufacturer and vendor,
> so if you can determine either the brand of the card or can figure out 
> made the main chip on the card, you should be able to trace it to the 
> driver.
> -Eric
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