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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux heads for Texas...

That's right down the road.  Wonder if they'd let me sneak in for the demo.

At any rate, welcome to Texas, enjoy your stay, and I wish you all the best
in your presentation tomorrow!!

James Jensen

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Subject: [K12OSN] K12Linux heads for Texas...

> Hello Folks,
> Well, tomorrow morning at 5:50 am (just a few hours and 20 more K12LTSP
> CD sets away...) I'll be off for the NECC conference in Texas.
> www.neccsite.org
> This is the largest education/technology conference in the USA. There
> will be 10,000+ teachers there. Thanks to the generosity of Red Hat and
> Linuxfund.org, K12LTSP will be there too.
> I'm taking our Linux Toaster
> http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us/linux/toaster/
> We're hoping it will get by airport security with no problems. ;-)
> The toaster is really a K12LTSP terminal server. I'll also have a NIC
> from thinknic.com and a Windows 2000 terminal server running on my
> laptop. Once it's all plugged in, we'll be able to show how well all
> this software works during a 2 hour session on Tuesday. I've also
> scheduled several meetings with various people interested in Linux in
> Schools. This is the best place to talk with folks from all over the
> country. One goal we have in addition to showing teachers what Linux can
> do for their schools is to demonstrate it to hardware vendors.
> We'll also give away a hundred CD-Rom sets of K12LTSP. I wish that
> number had another couple of digits in it but we do what we can...
> I've worked up a set of slides that I'll post to the web site later this
> week so others can use them.
> Thanks again to Red Hat and Linuxfund.org for helping with this trip.
> With school budgets so tight here in Oregon, there is no way I could
> have gone without their support.
> ;-) Paul

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