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Re: [K12OSN] who is MS free ?

* Steve Wright <paua quicksilver net nz> [020617 22:41]:
> I'm wondering what % of us are MS free ?
> click here if you are:     http://linuxathome.ath.cx/yes.html
> click here if you are NOT:    http://linuxathome.ath.cx/no.html

One of the major problems with polling in general, and quick polls
especially, is sampling error by grouping.  You'd have to question how
useful these results would be, when the majority of us on this list
would probably fall between these two extremes.

For example, at home we have two computers.  On one we sometimes boot
into Win2K to convert something from CorelDRAW format to .wmf, or
maybe to compare printer drivers, etc.  A once-in-a-while thing.

On the other, I sometimes run a VMWare session with one or another
variety of Windows to do something like the above, or to test a Samba

At school, we are converting the lab to all Linux (LTSP), but it is
still unclear whether or how soon we'll be able to convert the admin
workstations, library, etc.

So which of these would be considered MS free?  It would help a little
if you asked to estimate whether you are 90% or more MS free, and to
vote once for each computer.  But it is still very subjective, and
open to wide variations in interpretation.

And of course, those who choose to go to a website and click on
buttons do not represent a random sample in anybody's book  ;-)

Also, a question like, "Are you more MS-free than a year ago?" might
be pretty interesting too.  Then someone who was totally MS-free a
year ago could complain about having to answer NO.  ;-)

Jan Wilson, SysAdmin     _/*];          corocom btl net
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Corozal Town, Belize     |  /'  chetumal.com & linux.bz
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