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Re: [K12OSN] an end to lamentations...found favor with printing gods


You say you can print now - no LOCALHOST errors - what did you do to fix the problem? What was the "missing link"?

It might be useful to know what happened, so that we can help with printing from OpenOffice ....


At 08:02 PM 6/17/2002, you wrote:

Hey, guys,

Guess what?
I got this thing to print!
I have successfully printed a text doc from abiword, an image form openoffice.org drawing utility, an image from teh gimp, a chart from kivio.
Text docs from openoffice.org adn kword are not printing, the printer spits out a blank page.
I am so glad that the printer is finally responding!
Thanks so much for all of your patience and assistance!
Any ideas on the document pickiness?



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