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RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

Another PRO for the network centric concept.
I my district's near future the idea of a "technology budget" is going to go out the window. Cool I try to decrease my budget every year anyway. A network centric model based on Linux allows a district to spread the funds evenly to everyone. If you only have $2000 double the RAM in your k12ltsp servers, BAM! all your users get an increase in performance. Or buy a new server and load balance.

Also a PRO, based on my experience with modern hardware (PCI Pentium class) K12LTSP is closer to plug and play then Intel's PNP (plug and pray ;) )
You can setup a server and let students hook up workstations.

PRO - the already mentioned time to setup a workstation. That's a big one.
PRO - take the harddrive out of a machine and it runs forever "ON" no moving parts.

side note: a compromise make bootable CD's, lock the CD trays, has anyone done this ??? As suggested load all the boot-up, kernel, Xserver, display manager locally via CD and connect to a server for apps and swap ? Still moving parts...but a cheap way to boot modern BIOS PC's and reduce network traffic and use some of the local processor power. Please comment...

CON - Yes you need a kick ass server or servers - - but if your workstations can handle it run apps locally.
CON - Yes you need a solid network - - much cheaper these days.

Tom Ventresco
Austintown Local Schools

--On Tuesday, June 18, 2002 12:53 PM -0400 Matt Loretitsch <matt bird-technologies com> wrote:

I'll give you a pro:

You only need to load the software once and rollout patches once.  Install
one server and then pop in a disk or boot rom into your 20 workstations,
DONE.  Otherwise.... If the computers are all the same you could flash a
hard drive image over to each one (time) or install at each one (more

I'm not in any school district, but I used to be so this list is pretty
interesting to me :)  In other words, don't put much weight behind my

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I have been subscribed to this list for just over a week and I find it very interesting and informative.

This summer I am setting up a new student lab with about thirty
workstations.  Because of politics and the like, ten of the workstations
will be running Windows 98, the remainder will be Linux thin clients.
This  is my way of slipping Linux into the school with the goal of
replacing  Windows as much as possible.

Now my question.  In a series of articles posted on linuxworld.com
(http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/0823.xterminal.html) Colin
Matoon described using workstations with a full Linux installations,
minus  KDE and apps, as thin clients.  The apps would be on a server that
also  acts as a gateway to the remainder of the network.

He claims better performance, less network traffic, lower costs, and
easier  management.  The K12 Linux project seems to be a diskless
implementation of  thin clients.  What are some of the pros and cons of
totally diskless clients?


Mark Carrara
Technology Coordinator
School District of Gilman
Gilman, WI

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