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RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

Hi all,

Bert here. I've got a big pro.........

We will be able to continue using our P75's, with 16MB ram and 500MB 

We can't get RAM at a reasonable price for them, the drives are too small, 
but they make ideal diskless terminals.

> > This summer I am setting up a new student lab with about thirty
> > workstations.  Because of politics and the like, ten of the 
> > will be running Windows 98, the remainder will be Linux thin clients.
> > This  is my way of slipping Linux into the school with the goal of
> > replacing  Windows as much as possible.

Wait until they see how much time is spent configuring the Win9x boxes.

If there is a need for Win9x then Win4Lin is a good way of having Linux 
terminals and running Win9x.

I can Ghost an image from portable CD onto our P75's in 15 - 20 minutes. 
Re-instating a functional copy of Win9x on LTSP using Win4Lin takes about 5 

> > Now my question.  In a series of articles posted on linuxworld.com
> > (http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/0823.xterminal.html) Colin
> > Matoon described using workstations with a full Linux installations,
> > minus  KDE and apps, as thin clients.  The apps would be on a server 
> > also  acts as a gateway to the remainder of the network.

I suspect my P75's would have the same speed problems with Linux as they do 
with Windoze.


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