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HDD imaging using Ghost or Linux.........WAS........RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

Hi Shauna,

I use Norton's Ghost to create a disk image of my Win9x machines. Usually I 
have a spare hard drive installed in the computer to capture the image. 
Then I copy the image to my computer using the network.
Once the image has been saved to my computer I remove the spare HDD and 
close the box.

I have a BackPack portable CD-RW. I use it to burn the ghost image to the 
CD, and to re-image machines when Win9x breaks. My version of Ghost doesn't 
allow network re-imaging so I have to use this method.

Ghost lets you create bootable disks which can be used for network and 
parallel port connection. I had to download the DOS drivers for the 
BackPack CD-RW to work correctly.

This CD-RW came with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator. It's easy to use, and has 
good online help.

Then when Win9x breaks I blast the image onto the machine.


>From my reading I believe it may be possible to use LTSP and other Linux 
tools to do the same thing across the network.

I'm not that au fait with Linux tools, I'm going by what I've read so far. 
Any of the technically advanced people PLEASE butt in! :-)

By using DD it is possible to make an exact image of a disk or filesystem 
(hard drive, floppy, CD). Therefore disk image can be stored on a linux 
server. (I got this from the CD-ROM server How-To)

So what has this got to do with anything, you ask?
The image is on a Linux server, how do I get it onto the Windows computer?

By using a Rom-O-Matic boot floppy it should be possible to launch an LTSP 
session and DD the image onto the local hard drive.

That's the theory. I don't know what the technical difficulties are, I 
haven't tried it yet.

Does anyone else want to add to this?????


On Wednesday, June 19, 2002 11:00 AM, Cornerstone Christian School 
[SMTP:ccschooltech shaw ca] wrote:
> Re: Re-instating a functional copy of Win9x on LTSP using Win4Lin takes
> about 5 minutes.
> I just joined the list myself. Can you share some wisdom here? I am
> going to be as much non-M$ within a year... Sept 2003 is my goal. I have
> a few LTSP clients up and running and have LOTS to do.
> I am looking to have a few Win clients around, but building ISO's and
> ghosting are new to me...
> Shauna
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