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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux Texas update...

Let's talk about that on the list some. I'd like to see an open source
thread of sessions and talks from all of you out there using Linux. One
example: today there was HUGE interest in the squidguard setup Eric
Harrision has available from the MESD [http://squidguard.mesd.k12.or.us/].

Paul and Eric good job you guys bust your butts. Thank you both.

Greetings, one area that might get more attention is administration. For example, many schools use programs like Abacus for student info, in Ohio we use EMIS/POIS for grades, demographics, special ed and other massive stuff. Problem the EMIS/POIS data is on an Alpha mainframe which is just so friendly to use ;) - - I like VMS but I might be alone. The data is basically open to a few people as a result we have 50 databases of the same stuff, WRONG way to do it. Linux to the rescue. Converting the EMIS/POIS data to MySQL.
Now the nurses' office, transportation, main office of each building, the band director, and teacher's grade book all get the same updated data. We can even add fields to the middle MySQL to hold info that EMIS/POIS does not carry.

So what - - show the people with the money in school district where they can use Linux solutions to save money and offer powerful flexible answers to come problems. Issue I deal with is, the state of Ohio uses programs like MS SQL, FileMaker Pro and Word - - FORCING school districts to use the same software - - HELLO $$$$$$$$$.

My point, a focus on backend products also using Linux may give a little more strength to attack the desktop market. And "people" are still affraid to look away from MS and Apple. We must be able to do "things" the others can't.
I need to be able to goto my Treasurer and say "No, Excel can't do that, but this {Linux program} can and its won't cost you your house." GIMP has done a nice job here. Bring on the Script-Fu logos.
I'll shut up now,
Tom Ventresco
Austintown Local Schools

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