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Re: [K12OSN] Is Win4Lin Free or do you have to pay?

Running a Win2k/XP server with rdesktop also has licensing issues and costs.....AND, one version of the XP EULA does not allow any other computer other than another XP computer to attach to it.

Also, of recent note: Microsoft is publicly pushing the point that, according to their licensing agreements (with users? with OEMs? - unclear at this point) that MACHINES SHIPPED WITH WINDOWS ON THEM MUST REMAIN WINDOWS MACHINES - the license and the machine are one. Details are sketchy, but it might be construed that, even if you separate the machine and the OS, that OS cannot be used on another computer. This is not how I interpreted the text, but who knows?

I don't see how they are ever going to make this interpretation stick, but that is what is going on....

Win4Lin and VMWare require a Windows license - the Win4Lin NSSE (server) version requires a Windows license for each CONCURRENT USER - a vast improvement over the basic licensing scheme of one copy of Windows for each user at each connection.


At 08:00 AM 6/19/2002, you wrote:
Run a Windows Terminal Server on a dedicated Micro$oft PC and use rdesktop to connect. I also believe that you can use rdesktop to connect to WindowsXP/Pro but someone with more knowledge will have to comment as I do not run WinXP. This solution and Win4Lin and VMWare all will require some sort of Micro$oft licensing.

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