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Re: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

I have what may be a better idea, although I haven't tried it: put a CD-RW 
drive in the workstation rather than a Zip or LS120.  This has several 
advantages.  One, many students may not own a Zip or LS120 at home, but just 
about everyone has a cdrom drive.  If a student will be carrying files back 
and forth frequently, have him/her use a re-writeable disk.  Two, since CD-R 
and CD-RW disks aren't proprietary like Zip and LS120, there are many makers, 
they're cheaper, etc.  If you watch the newspaper ads, you can get CD-R disks 
for free after a mail-in rebate.  Three, what with CD-RW drives now selling 
for less than $50, they're cheaper than Zip or LS120 drives, and the disks 
hold more data.

Now, as I've said, I've not tried this in an LTSP environment, but if a 
floppy in the terminal can be made usable, I'd think a CD-RW could too, even 
though it's on a different bus.


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> > How can a Zip or LS120 be plugged onto a diskless workstation without
> > setting.  Do you have any idea ?
> >
> > If setting is required than there will lot of work because
> > students may own
> > Zip or LS120 of different spec.  Unless the school forces
> > them to buy the
> > same model or supplies them at free.
> This is the exact same problem that happens in a Wintel environment. I
> am sure that there is no end-all-be-all solution. How do you please all
> the people all the time? I don't think it can be done.
> I don't know of any different LS120 specs and with Zip drives there are
> only 2, the 100MB and the 250MB. I think that the new 250MB drives will
> read and write to a 100MB disk. Zip drives seem to be far more popular
> than LS120's so a Zip250 may be a plausible solution. This of course
> adds to the cost of a system and I am not sure of what compatibility
> issues would manifest themselves when sticking an ATAPI Zip drive into
> an old computer.
> -Yancey
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