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Re: [K12OSN] Re: K12OSN K12LTSP: TCO?

At 02:15 PM 6/19/2002, you wrote:
My state (NC) has created a spreadsheet to help people come up with their TCO. If anyone is interested in taking a look at it, or using it for their own purposes, feel free to download it from:

The spreadsheet is an excellent start - better than most -- but, IMHO, it misses in excess of 50% of the TCO areas that comprise an IT environment. The model covers hardware and infrastructure (networks) as well as end-of-life replacements, but misses the major cost areas of:
- Application development and packaged software, both personal and operations [school adminstration]
- Data Management and structure (student records, chem lab tracking, etc.)
- Enterprise management, which includes backup, disaster recovery, output management (report distribution, spool management, printer), storage management, software management (system software life cycle control, system software maintenance, software distribution), problem management, change management, asset management, operations management, performance management, capacity planning, software configuration management, security, security management, network management, etc.
- Methods (policy and procedure development and enforcement)
- Staffing (training, tech support, help desk, etc.)

It also, to some degree, misses the point of non-recurring (plan, design, and implement) vs. recurring (operate, maintain) phased of the TCO life cycle. In addition, it fails to take into account, in all phases, the person-day factor and expense budget (but does cover capital budget pretty completely).

Of course, schools may not do much of these anyway. Planning, design, and maintenance, are probably all "non-essentials". I guess you could take the output and multiply by "Flanigan's finagling factor" to get something approaching reality. Still, what is here is better than a lot of TCO efforts!

In 1997, the State of North Carolina produced a statewide IT architecture plan - it was, then and now, one of the best architecture documents for understanding the abstract complexities of an IT environment. It just does not reflect in the school TCO spreadsheet.

I wish I could have applied such haphazard approaches [to my education] and expected a good outcome [good grades] :-)


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