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RE: [K12OSN] ICP-Vortex RAID

Hi Jesse,

I can't say that I have, but have you checked the Redhat hardware compatiblity list?

This can be found on the Redhat website.


On Thursday, June 20, 2002 8:11 AM, Jesse T. Byers [SMTP:jbyer grantsburg k12 wi us] wrote:
> Has anyone used ICP-Vortex RAID controllers and the Tyan Thunder K7
> (S2462NG - Dual Athlon MP1900+) motherboard to put together an K12LTSP
> box?
> I just put two of them together and I have the same problem on both.
> The machine will just lock up randomly and start to rebuild the RAID
> array (Mirroring with a hot fix available).  But if I restart the
> machine, the RAID controller sees all three drives.  I have tried
> everything that I can think of but have come to no solutions.  I'm
> hoping that someone out there has tried this combination of hardware
> before and has some insight into my problem.
> Any suggestions would be more than welcome.
> Thanks,
> Jesse Byers
> Network Administrator
> School District of Grantsburg
> jbyer grantsburg k12 wi us
> jbyer gk12 net
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