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[K12OSN] Setting a Domain-Name was: ThinkNIC

Eric Harrison wrote:

In /etc/dhcpd.conf, change:

option domain-name "suwannee.k12.fl.us";

back to:

option domain-name "ltsp";

and restart dhcpd.

Hi Eric.

This does touch on a sticky situation I am in; How to set K12LTSP to have a 'proper' domain name.
I made the same mistake - changed the domainname and fried almost every service on the server.

I did 'sorta' get it going, but it's still flakey, and it seems I am going to understand DHCPd, DNS, et al
*intimately* before I get it stable. <sigh> I've printed and bound a couple of man-pages and they are in the
process of getting read to death. It's gotta be easier than this.

My wishlist is approximately ;

Terminals display "Welcome to <our-school-name> properly.

Internal mail functions properly, and fully.

Apache functions with proper school domain name.

Terminals still boot.. 8-o

kind regards, Steve

p.s. I am mostly sorted on the "integrating LTSP into an NT/W2K Server existing network." HOWTO to follow.
But <shudder> it has been a long road, even with the helpful and fearless NT admins.

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