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RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

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> Hi Yancey and All
> At 06:50 PM 2002/6/19 -0400, you wrote:
> >This would still suffer from the same problem as Zip/LS120 
> or any other 
> >type of removable media. The user would have to have one at home (in 
> >this case a CD-RW). Maybe another good way would be to have them 
> >accessible from the Internet, Yahoo Briefcase gives 30MB and 
> it works 
> >fine from Mozilla and IE.
> Using Internet for file transfer, my original suggestion, still has 
> following problems waiting to solve :
> 1) The size of a student's email box
> 2) The burden of traffic shall be increased during up and 
> down loading files

1) Using something like Yahoo's briefcase, email has nothing to do with
it. Yahoo gives 30MB free. I am sure that there are other free online
storage out there as well.

2) Of course the burden is increased, just like copying a file from the
server to a local drive. The burden just happens to be on a different

> Petre's suggestion is a good idea.  I have been using CD-RW for 
> sometimes.  It is very convenient and economical because 
> reusable.  But it 
> is not easy to manage,  The new CD-RW of speed 4X - 10X 
> cannot be used in 
> those old CD-Writers of speed 1X, 2X and 4X.  This is still 
> my headache

Except the student would then be required to have a CD-RW drive at home
if they want to bring files in. That is no different than requiring a
Zip etc. I have never had a problem using new media in older drives or
older media in newer drives. 


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