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RE: [K12OSN] Pros and Cons of diskless

Hi Stephen,

More below........

> I have not tried Win4Lin nor Vmware before which need a licence but
> experienced WINE about 3 years ago.  WINE, a simulator of Windows, is a
> wonderful application but unfortunately there were certain bugs.  Any guy 
> on this list has experience on WINE today.  Thanks

WINE still appears to have a long way to go. Win4Lin actually works, but 
has some limitations.
You can get a lot more information about Win4Lin at the floowing website


> >I can Ghost an image from portable CD onto our P75's in 15 - 20 minutes.
> Could you please give me more detail in this respect.  Can a Ghost image
> prepared in Windows be copied to Linux including Win OS ?

You should be able too. It's juat a very large file. Instead of doing a 
disk to disk copy, GHOST would have to do a disk to image copy.

> >Re-instating a functional copy of Win9x on LTSP using Win4Lin takes 
about 5
> >minutes.
> Installing Windows take about 30-45 minutes, depending on the speed of 
> PC, but installing other applications will take lengthy time, including
> their configuration.

This is 5 minutes for Win9x AND all of the applications.
Once a personal copy of Win9x has been installed by Win4Lin you can copy 
the whole directory structure for future use. I have 5 Win98 
"configurations" from bare bones Win98 to Win98 + MSOff97 + ClarisWorks 5 + 
Mozilla + Publisher 2002.

Once I have learned a bit of PERL or BASH I'll be able to cut down on drive 

> CONS - how can the client save its work on its own machine
> (e.g. - a student needs taking his work home which is a sizable file 
> sending the same via Internet nor saving the same on floppy.  It is also
> not convenient going to the server to get it)

E-mail. We haven't encountered this problem, YET.

We don't provide student e-mail accounts either. Too much administration on 
our current systems.

> Thanks
> Stephen Liu

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