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[K12OSN] File Access from home

I have considered how to provide for students (and teachers) accessing their files at home. I rejected any removable media because of the ongoing costs and difficulties others have brought up. I am investigating using VPN's for remote access. By using Free S/wan I can take care of all the Win2k and WinXP home users using IPsec. Win 9x clients, PPTP and the associated security risks is an issue I am looking at.

This coming year we will be providing email for all students in grades 7-12. Maybe I'm not seeing something but I don't think there will be a problem with file size. Except in one case, the student creating a power point slide show for graduation (over 100 slides), no one has had problems fitting their files on a floppy. If we limit attachments to 1 mb we should not have any size issues.

I also plan on providing a CD with Open Office to any student who wants it for home. During our inservice this August I will be doing a presentation to teachers on Open Office and giving each of them a disk for home. I hope this takes care of any incompatibility issues that come from working on files both at home and school.


Mark Carrara
Technology Coordinator
School District of Gilman
Gilman, WI

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